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Simple Online Shop  About Us

Welcome to Simple Online Shop. This online shop is owned by Small Firms Services Limited (SFS). So who are SFS?

SFS are a registered company in England & Wales with the company registration number 3658573. Established in 1998 SFS have been supporting small businesses through the provision of services and products. The company is dedicated to providing value for money whilst maintaining high standards of customer service to our clients.

Over the years we have developed a portfolio of products and services to assist new and existing businesses. This shop is simply an extension of our portfolio providing online access to our company products and documents.

In addition to our popular websites the team at SFS are available for one-to-one discussions. SFS is not a faceless company selling its wares on the internet. From day one the company has opened its doors to clients who need to discuss their needs face to face. We regularly meet with clients at our main office in Coventry and visit clients at their office when necessary. In addition we are always available during business hours to handle your enquiries by telephone. We are happy to provide a free phone number to all of our clients 0808 1 68 67 66. So if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us in person or by telephone.

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