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Newer Shelf Companies

Ready made companies are no longer the best way to purchase a limited company. Many years ago it was quick and convenient to buy a shelf company as registering a new company took several weeks. However, ready made companies are considered ‘old fashioned’ as online company formation and legal changes have made it easier to form new companies online.
You can now purchase a brand new company and get it registered within 2-3 hours. This has removed the requirement to keep ready made companies ‘on the shelf’.
Why register a new company formation?
  • It is a clean way to get your company. You supply the director and shareholder details to Companies House at the time of incorporation.
  • There are no records at Companies House of previous directors and shareholders (owners).
  • There are no paper forms to complete. All details are transferred to Companies House electronically.
  • You choose your own company name. You do not need to choose from a list. Call your company whatever you want (subject to the name being available).
  • There are no name changes to be done. As the company is created with your chosen name there is no need to complete a name change resolution or pay to change the company name.
Why purchase a shelf company?
  • You may like a name that is already registered and held on someone’s shelf list.
  • You may want a company that is a few years old to reflect the age of your business.
  • You may want to give the impression that your company is older than it is. However, people can easily check the trading status through the company’s history at Companies House. Older companies have dormant accounts filed.
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Register a brand new company today. Its quick, easy and cheaper than buying a shelf company. Don’t believe us? Try our sister website and see how simple it is to form your own company. We will not charge you a penny to try the system. You only pay when you submit your company formation - only £34.95. Just go online and enter your details. 

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Ready Made Shelf Companies

Ready Made Shelf Companies Off the shelf ready made companies. Available for imediate purchase with electronic certificate of incorporation available instantly. Hard copy documents posted out to you the next working day.

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