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Overseas Mail Forwarding Service from London

Overseas Mail Forwarding Service from London

We are pleased to supply a London mailing address for clients that are based outside of the UK. We can forward mail from our London address to any address in the world using international airmail.

We specialise in supporting overseas clients that need a professional service for low to medium volumes of mail. This is not just a mail box. We do not store mail. This is a professional mail forwarding service for international clients.
Our charges-
Annual fee for mail forwarding £150 plus VAT
Deposit to cover administration and postage £50* plus VAT
*Airmail postage will be deducted at cost
*If during a working week (Monday to Friday) we forward any mail for you we deduct a £1 administration fee from your deposit. This is a single fee and is not per item. So if we forward 1 item or 5 during the week we will make a single deduction from your deposit. The level of deduction will depend on your mail volume-
Average mail of 1-5 items per week - £1 administration fee per week
Average mail of 6-10 items per week - £2 administration fee per week
Average mail of 10-15 items per week - £2.50 administration fee per week
If you believe that your mail volumes will exceed 15 items per week please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are flexible but we do not support large mail volumes as this will affect the service to all of our clients. 

The mail forwarding address is – Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR.
Please note – if you are a UK registered limited company then you will need to order the registered office in addition to this service if you intend to use the address as the companies registered office.

Additional Information Required
Please enter the business name (ABC CONSULTING) or individuals name (SARAH JONES) that requires our mail forwarding service.

List Price: £240.00

Price includes VAT

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