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Change of Name and Title Deed Poll

Change of Name and Title Deed Poll

This simple to complete name change deed poll is all that you require to legally change your name AND your title. The name change deed poll is available for immediate download to your PC, disk or memory stick and is supplied with easy to follow instructions. This deed poll is accepted by all UK organisations. For example, the DVLA, HMRC, PASSPORT OFFICE, your doctors, your bank, etc. All of these organisations will need to be informed of your new name.
If you want to change your name and title you will need a change of name deed poll. Most organisations will not simply act on a letter or a phone call. This name change deed poll is an official way of recording your new name in front of a witness. This deed poll is then accepted as proof of your new name.
This form is suitable for anyone changing their full name, just their surname (family name) or just their forename. In addition the deed poll has a section to be used if you are changing your title. This may be needed if you are changing your name and title following a marriage separation.

You do not need to visit a solicitor or notary public. Simply download the form, complete as instructed with a witness and start using your new name. Changing your name does not get much easier.

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