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8 x 4 Brass Name Plate

8 x 4 Brass Name Plate

This 8 x 4 brass name plate is similar to the 6 x 3 except for the size. These quality brass name plates are ideal for displaying your business name or building name. In the UK it is a legal requirement that registered companies and LLP’s display their registered name at their registered office address. So make the right impression with this value for money brass name plate. The name plate is engraved with your business name and then finished with black lettering
The name plate is supplied with 4 screw holes pre drilled for your convenience. The name plates are despatched within 2-3 days of purchase. Our price includes VAT and free delivery within the UK. 

When ordering simply provide your company name in the box below. If you wish to order an 8 x 4 Brass name plate for use other than a company name do not hesitate to contact us. We will include the words REGISTERED OFFICE unless instructed otherwise. We also recommend using capital letters on your name plate.

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